Freeware Serverextension for ArgoSoft Mailserver

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Europas beste Singlebörse
T I I A S A T A D N T U E F R C N A T !! H S S P M R P O O S O O T C !! Günther Leitgeb -

Günther Leitgeb -

  • VirusCheck via GriSoft AVG Antivirus
  • VirusCheck via ClamAV
  • VirusCheck via McAfee Command-Line Scanner *NEW*
  • VirusCheck via Symantec Scan Engine *NEW*
  • VirusCheck via Eset Nod32 Scanengine *NEW*
  • VirusCheck via FProt AntiVirus *NEW*
  • VirusCheck via Kaspersky Anti-Virus for File Servers *NEW*
  • VirusCheck via eTrust/CA InoculateIT *NEW*
  • Global Whitelist
  • Global Hostwhitelist
  • Whitelist for disabling Spamcheck for specific mailadresses
  • Spamfilter via DNS-Check

    A bug of ClamWin causes GLExt not scanning viruses in archives.
    You have to create the folder C:\tmp\ to prevent this problem!!
    It seems that ClamWin ignores the --tempdir="..." directive used by GLExt when scanning archives.


    GLExt is listed on rank 1 or 2 with the search strings serverextension, argosoft serverextension or mailserver serverextension in Google.


    List of Changes:
    Download v1.0 - 12.07.04:
  • Initial release

  • Download v1.1 - 28.11.04:
  • Faster check mode
  • Timeout (5sec) for DNS Servers to prevent long delays if a DNS server is down
  • Logfile is complete in english now (perhaps you delete the old one)
  • Recognized spammails get deleted not rejected
  • Add support for domain whitelist => is now supported
  • servers.txt has been changed
  • Add checked IP to Logfile

    Download v2.0 - 29.04.05:
  • Changed the way DNS-Servers are queried => Now you have to set the DNSServer value in the options.ini to your DNSServers IP!!
  • Added ClamAV support. You have to set 2 values in the options.ini to get it work. A nice windows version of ClamAV you can find at
  • Logfileformat has been changed a bit because of ClamAV
  • The checked IP will only be shown once in the logfile
  • Improved spamfilter
  • Now there don't have to be a \ at the end of SpamFolder and other settings
  • If you set eg Spamfolder to only "spam" it uses the subfolder "spam" of GLExt to store detected spammails
  • Added settings to turn on/off the Spamfilter/Virusfilter/Use of Whitelist
  • Added Hostwhitelist
  • Added option to define if spam gets rejected or only deleted
  • Added option to define where to put the Logfiles
  • Added option to rotate logfiles every day
  • Changed Servers.txt

    Download v2.1 - 11.07.05:
  • Fixed bugs in Spamfolder setting
  • Added additional errormessage in logfile if there are not access permissions to spamfolder
  • Fixed bugs of how ClamAV gets started
  • Added Debugmode
  • Fixed a bad bug in folder parsing
  • Added a timeout when calling ClamScan
  • Fixed a bug with the new SpamReject setting of v2.0

    Download v3.0 BETA 1 - 12.07.05:
  • Added McAfee Command-Line scanner support
  • Added Symantec Scan Engine support
  • Added extraction of mail attachments to increase detectionrate
  • Changed Servers.txt

    Download v3.0 BETA 2 - 26.09.05 *not officialy released*:
  • Added Multithreading support
  • Added spamnotification for receivers
  • Better handling of mail attachments

    Download v3.0 BETA 3 - 12.10.05 *not officialy released*:
  • Added X-GLEXT-TO Header
  • Changed some parts of whitelist handling

    Download v3.0 BETA 4 - 27.02.06:
  • Changed handling of creation of child processes for virusscan (hangups of processes where possible before)

    Download v3.0 BETA5 - 20.04.06 *not officialy released*:
  • Added anti-freeze mechanism for ClamAV viruscheck
  • Added --detect-broken command to ClamAV viruscheck

    Download v3.0 BETA6 - 23.04.06:
  • Added support for Eset NOD32 Scan engine

    Download v3.0 BETA7 - 26.08.06:
  • Added support for F-Prot AntiVirus
  • Added support for Kaspersky Anti-Virus for File Servers
  • Added NoCheckAdresses
  • Added MaxFileSize for ExtractAttachment feature
  • Bugfixed the ExtractAttachment feature => false folder was scanned
  • Bugfixed some mistakes with passing parameters to command-line scanners
  • Bugfixed a few misspelled debug messages

    Download v3.0 BETA8 - 28.08.06:
  • Fixed resultcodes to to prevent problems with SORBS
  • Updated servers.txt

    Download v3.0 BETA9 - 21.12.06:
  • Currenty processed mails will not be stored as .eml file but as .tmp
  • Added X-GLEXT-FROM Header
  • Added RejectCodes File
  • Removed from Reject Codes to prevent problems with
  • Updated servers.txt

    Download v3.0 BETA10 - 23.01.07:
  • Added support for eTrust/CA InoculateIT
  • Few Bugfixing

    Download v3.0 FINAL - 24.01.07:
  • Added VirusScanTimeout to options.ini


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